VoiceThread A to Z: Creating Portfolios with VoiceThread

In this final installment of the VoiceThread A to Z series, we’ll be discussing portfolios. In our previous posts in this series, we discussed ways to start your year, use VoiceThread for storytelling, presentations, as a discussion board replacement and for assessments. You can find those posts here: VoiceThread A to Z posts.


Portfolios can be a great way to illustrate progress over the course of a semester. Many students don’t see the progress they have made until they can compare work they completed early in the year with the work they produce later. They can also be great ways for students to reflect on their learning and show their parents what they’ve learned.

In this thread, a student takes you on a tour of his school year. He simply uploaded photos from different experiences he’s had and narrated his journey:\


In this thread, a 5th grade student reviews her learning in math, science, writing and music for her parents. This type of student-led conference can not only save time during parent-teacher conferences, but it can also give parents a deeper sense of what their child has accomplished:



In this e-portfolio, a higher ed student takes you on a tour of her internship. She explains what she’s done, goes over her journal and reflects on what she has learned:



Creating portfolios like these is the same, simple 2 step process it takes to create any VoiceThread: 1. Upload your images, videos and documents, 2. Narrate using your mic or webcam. Because VoiceThreads are always editable, students can continue to add to the same thread as they chart their journey.

If you want to see how other educators have used VoiceThread for portfolios, check out these guest posts:

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